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Groupy connects seamlessly with the online booking software and
solutions tailored to your business.

Being a revenue generator for your business, Online Booking Software must-have features and functions to capably provide smooth, reliable, and accessible reservation and booking. Groupy is at the forefront of pioneering booking software design. Our online booking software is fully customizable allowing you to define the sales process and gather only the information you need.

Integrating our software can help your get more online bookings, save valuable time by automating your operations, enabling you to focus on the things that matter most to you. Our online booking software will help you get even more online bookings, save you time and money, and provide the ideal experience to your customers. Our online booking solution is engineered to give you the highest up-time and fastest transactions possible with your own dedicated cloud servers located nearby you.

Groupy online booking software is a reliable custom software development provider that creates a variety of multi-featured booking systems, scheduling software, and fully integrated modules with excellent data visualization and reporting. Our versatile online booking software allows us to meet your specific needs, such as multiple bookings on a single transaction, applying discount codes, private invites or waiting lists.

Online booking software enables you to handle group and single booking, group discounts, corporate room packages, and amenities upgrade all by one dashboard. Online booking software offers a comprehensive reservation and cancellation confirmation to both the administrator and customer, which leaves the guests and administrator in no doubt as to the details of their booking.

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Some of the benefits of using an online booking system include:
  • Saves time as the processing of bookings is done quickly
  • Business records constantly stay updated
  • No need for manual entry of customer details as the details are entered manually
  • Quick and efficient service
  • Easy payment getaways
  • Immediate accessibility to information regarding availability of the necessary service
  • Displays availability on the website itself
  • Comparative reviews of related services
  • Easily capture customers before they navigate away to the competitor websites

Powerful Online Booking Software Made Simple

Groupy online booking software delivered to the exact specification of your business.
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With our Cloud-based booking-system, you can access your online booking software from anywhere in the world, while taking benefit of automatic updates. This web-based booking software is also known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), meaning that the software and IT infrastructure are offered and maintained by an external provider. Thus, an online booking solution is a time-saving and cost-effective alternative, especially for small businesses that don’t have the capacity to employ a custom-programmed booking tool. We are the leading online booking system specialists providing high-end solutions.

Groupy offers a highly professional and powerful online booking-system, that is specifically tailored to the needs of providers. All of our systems are delivered to the exact specification of your business. Our solutions are expertly delivered with fast turnaround times. We understand that every business is unique in the way it is run and therefore has different booking and scheduling requirements. This is why Groupy specializes in delivering bespoke booking systems that are designed to meet your business’s individual needs.

Whatever type of business you run, we will provide a high-end booking, scheduling and reservation solution that ticks all of the right boxes. An online booking system is a software solution that allows potential customers to reserve and pay for an activity or service through your website, or through social networks, using multiple devices. Wherever your customers are, they can access your online booking service at any moment. A booking system developed to your requirements will simplify and boost your customer service, and will allow visualizing and assessing of the task through optimizing processes and operations.

Transform your business with an industry-leading online booking system

Groupy adapts to your business needs and offers a unique and tailored experience to your customers.

Nowadays, most travel arrangements are made online and service providers in all industries have recognized the advantages of hassle-free online reservations. After all, the ability to book services online doesn’t only benefit businesses, but also customers. The need for a reliable online booking software is thus steadily increasing.

An online booking-system allows customers to schedule their next appointment, make a reservation – and all that, comfortably from their personal computer or smartphone. Meantime, each industry has its own requirements when it comes to the right booking software. The majority of booking software providers are specialized in booking solutions that are tailored to each industry. Other online booking-systems are multi-functional and cater to various sectors. Online booking systems are designed to allow all the features of self-service portals.

Groupy online booking system is the engine that drives revenue for your business, bringing a consistent brand experience to guests while capturing customer details within the reservation software and updating inventory in real time. The system updates all changes in data and schedule and reflects them in real time so that both you and your customers see it. All information is securely stored and protected by encryption and SSL security protocol. The system is highly intuitive and easy to use for the user booking, and the graphics are modern and attractive. It is responsive, meaning that it automatically adapts the web page to suit the device (desktop, tablet, different types of smartphone).

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Manage Your Business and Streamline Operations

Simplify admin by automating manual tasks such as email confirmations, tracking and reporting.
Be that bit more organized in your day-to-day operations with Groupy.
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It’s the perfect online booking platform for all modern travel companies, a flexible and modular management software that supports all the steps of a travel business process. Streamline the experience for visitors with a guest-focused online reservation system that minimizes the clicks from checking availability, completing a booking, payment processing, and confirming the room — no matter what type or size of accommodations property you operate.

Groupy Online booking and reservation system can be easily integrated into your website or even social media page. Customers simply visit your website, choose the service they would like to book, and fill out a booking form. After that, they pay via a payment gateway which transfers the payment to you. The complete process takes just a few minutes for the first time booking and even less for repeat bookings. We’re always continuing to find ways to improve and develop the system, ensuring that it remains at the cutting-edge of the industry and robust to the demands of an increasingly mobile, tech-savvy client base.

Booking Software Features
  • Intuitive layouts
  • Control panel
  • Cancellation alerts
  • Save bookings
  • Email notifications
  • Automated booking
  • Reliable support
  • Assign bookings

Travel Sectors

Touring and Cruising

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Museum & Cultural Institutions

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Sightseeing & Attractions

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Travel Agencies & OTA’s

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Tourist Offices & Airport

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Simplified Solutions That Take The Stress Away

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Take bookings online

Get more visibility and bookings to our powerful, all-in-one booking solution. Increase your business with online bookings. Simple, convenient and no fuss.

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Improve efficiency

As the entire booking process is automated, the chances of manual errors like making two bookings at the same time or mixing up schedules are reduced. The booking system improves efficiency and productivity.

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Mobile responsive

Groupy design bespoke booking systems solutions to be mobile friendly. The great thing about having a mobile friendly online booking system is that your customers will be able to make bookings at any time of day, from any location, using their device.

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Save Precious time

Take time back for where it matters most. Groupy' s automated software does it all for you. The software saves time for both the business and the customer. It will free up a lot of time for your employee so that they can focus on other productive tasks.