The Complete Reservation Management System

Groupy is a fully featured Reservation Management system
suitable for a wide range of business verticals.

Enable seamless online reservations management from beyond your website.

Groupy robust reservation management software help you smartly optimize resource allocation, which results in increased productivity. It saves your time by automating resource allocation and reservation tasks and enables you to run your business effectively.

Managing multiple bookings is now easy with Groupy’s booking and reservation management. Manage banquet bookings, single and corporate bookings, prevent duplicate bookings, keep a track of customer preferences, booking inquiries from multiple platforms, monitor package performance, centrally view each and every guest booking, and much more with our Hotel booking management software. Manage corporate bookings vs. single booking and room occupancy to one inbox, stay updated with each guest’s conversation for a hassle-free reservation and support system. Enable room occupancy as available when a cancellation is done for that room.

Groupy reservation management system offers the special ability to provide real-time online booking functionality, which enables the collection of bookings from a hotel’s website, the global distribution system and an expansive variety of third-party travel websites. Our business was built on a very unique approach in the travel industry with a focus on hotel-only travel management. We have since expanded to provide a wide range of services, while retaining our highly developed knowledge base of luxury hotels around the world.

Key benefits of reservation management software include:
  • Eliminating the risk of double bookings
  • Replacing paper diary and old booking systems
  • Scheduling resources easily and quickly
  • Maximizing resource utilization
  • Reducing admin time

All-in-one Reservation Management Software

Groupy Reservation Management Software that's powerful, easy to use and completely integrated.

Groupy is all-in-one reservation management software where you can manage reservations, rate plans, reporting, emails, and more all from one login. With our dashboard, you get an overview what' s happening today and what needs to be done tomorrow. With our all in one platform for booking and managing hotels, car and activities with 24/7 customer support, business travel has never been smoother. Manage reservations with our in-built drag-and-drop calendar and check guests in or out with ease. All movements are connected to reports that are built right into the interface with Groupy so you and your staff are always in sync.

Groupy's reliable, cutting-edge reservation management software will revolutionize your online services and back-office operations by providing you with all the tools you need to efficiently manage your business. Groupy makes it easy for you to take your business online and broaden your sales avenues by allowing you to take bookings through your website, connect to third party sales channels and use other up-selling tools and revenue generating activities. We understand that many of our clients are independent travelers, and admire our services for the value-add that we are able to provide through our Hotel Reservation Management services. With Groupy, you have at your fingertips all the powerful yet easy-to-use tools to manage and streamline all your hotel's key operations.

Following are some primary functions which are provided in our reservation management systems:
  • Online availability to book anytime from anywhere
  • Accessible to public users
  • Send reminder emails and text messages
  • Manage all the bookings at one place
  • Accept and manage online payments
  • Keeping sales records, invoices, tax calculation
  • Customer relationship management

Manage Your Operations into a Single Platform

Groupy reservation system is packed with powerful features, makes it easy for you to manage your operations into a single platform efficiently.

Groupy is a fully featured Reservation Management system suitable for a vast range of business verticals. Developed using the latest web and security protocols it manages reservation and hotel management functions for multiple business types from Hotels, Campgrounds, B&B's, Marinas and Condos to Multi-resort networks. We’ve built a platform that empowers you to run your whole business on your own. With one platform to book, manage and report on all of your business travel, combining complete control with maximum choice of price and suppliers, business travel has never been smoother.

Groupy reservation management system boasts rich, dynamic setup interfaces to satisfy some of the more complex businesses, such as managed communities, resort networks and owner revenue sharing properties. We can accommodate length and width sensitive units, various vehicle types, yield management, channel connections, unique lodge and experience packaging ideal for tours, rentals and a vast range of other verticals. The systems you operate should simplify your life, not the other way around. The system was developed to provide real solutions to the everyday challenges of tour operators. For simple needs, it’s often easier to manage a situation yourself rather than having to call your provider to do it for you.


Giving you a powerful Reservation Management Software

Groupy powerful Reservation Management Software picks to boost your business efficiency.

Groupy online reservations enable your guests to seamlessly make reservations on your website. Our website reservation booking service is easily integrated with just a few lines of code and can be customized to match the look and feel of your web site. Customers can search and view real-time availability, select accommodations, enter contact information and pay with a credit card to book daily and weekly reservations.

New online reservations are automatically entered into Groupy and are clearly indicated on the main screen awaiting your staff to review and confirm the reservation by emailing the confirmation letter to the guest. The right reservation management software can help you optimize resources and grow loyalty and revenue.

Operations Streamlined to Bring Maximum Efficiency:
  • Search Availability
  • Search Reservation
  • Rate Management
  • Guest and Agent Profile Management
  • Booking Confirmation
  • Payment Management
  • Cancellation / No-Show
  • Simple Reservation Process
  • Room Booking

Travel Sectors

Touring and Cruising


Museum & Cultural Institutions


Sightseeing & Attractions


Travel Agencies & OTA’s


Tourist Offices & Airport




Adding Real Value to Your Business


More Bookings and More Revenue, More Quickly

Grow your travel business through our powerful platform that includes a hotel management system, booking engine, reservation management software, and much more.


Control your Business on the Move

Manage your travel business on the move, anytime, anywhere and on any device.


Manage your Business

Manage your bookings and resources, all in one place. Add your inventory, set availability, create pricing rules, and connect Groupy to your website in a matter of minutes.


Save Valuable Time

Streamline your complete business - manage your appointments, team, customers and more - all in one place, that is always available to you.