Channel Manager For Agents
Connect all Sales Channels and Bookings Instantly

Incomparable Reach, Online Visibility, and Increased Bookings,
Through Real-Time Distribution Channels.

Unlock Your Online Sales

Simple and easy to use technology solutions to help you maximize your business
revenue and reputation across all selling channels

Channel Manager gives OTAs a direct connection to the world's leading PMS and CRS systems , ensuring the rate and inventory uploads to your platform are automated, and the addition of new features on your system is both easy and cost-effective. Real-time access to top domestic and international channels to maximize booking. Keep connected to the easy-to-use distribution and management app on the go.

Connect your company to leading OTAs and display your property to thousands of visitors to increase revenue. Manage rates, inventory and availability effectively using hotel channel managers. Sale rooms and packages across channels with no risk of overbooking. Allows confirm your booking instantly, and guests get exclusive deals from trusted OTAs. Both domestic and international travelers can access your website and book easily.


Seamless Connections Global Distribution

Connect to the world. Manage your online inventory distribution with powerful channel manager

Channel management provides huge advantages to agents. With a channel manager connection, you can broaden your visibility and enter new markets by gaining access to the world 's largest OTA channels! For starters, you'll save a lot of your valuable time as website updates are automatically made for you Second, as everything is done automatically, the chances of error are greatly reduced; overbooking is virtually eliminated.

Channel manager reduces manual activities, helps to make quick decisions and manages revenue without difficulties. Eventually, as channel management makes the entire process so much easier, you will be able to use more websites / sales channels. All solutions developed by Groupy use the latest technologies, Web Services, to offer fast, reliable and comprehensive travel and hospitality software solutions.

Powering Your Online Revenue

Tourism Technology Solutions to attract, convert, analyze and maximize your bookings.

Groupy develops innovative travel software products to fully cover the management needs of each business travel and tourism sector (hospitality, travel agents, tour operators, etc.). Our one-stop solution application to ease your day-to-day business processes with smart, cloud-based PMS combined with powerful Channel Manager to effectively simplify and manage your online channels.

Our travel software solutions are on the cloud offered by SaaS, thus enabling our customers to avoid costly assets. Our extensive background in travel software needs has led us to develop solutions that are simple yet efficient and provide multiple connections to our customers. All our solutions emphasize at greatest possible distribution capabilities on B2B / B2C / B2B2C levels.


Sell Travel Online

With A Fully Integrated Reservation System

Managing sub agents online has never been easier. Update room allocation and rates with an easy-to-use platform that communicates with all agents in just one click. Our quick, efficient and reliable booking tool maximizes online exposure and increases revenue while reducing admin costs. Control all of your distribution channels on a single platform.

Channel Manager allows you to easily monitor and make changes to all of your offers available on your website and industry leading distribution partners. Sync your inventory across all distribution channels, including your own website and point of sale. Make all the seats available on all channels – live. There is no need to allocate seats to different channels just to prevent overbooking. Get the booking details from all channels automatically in your backoffice.

Key Capabilities:
  • Increase occupancy
  • Increase visibility
  • Expand online marketing distribution
  • Real-time distribution to your website and thousands of OTAs
  • Get access to GDS channels
  • Easily manage of all your OTAs in one central location
  • Generate more bookings/revenue and increase occupancy
  • Dynamically adjust rates depending on availability
  • Seamlessly integrates with many Property Management Systems
  • Allows you to increase your bookings revenue

Travel Sectors

Touring and Cruising


Museum & Cultural Institutions


Sightseeing & Attractions


Travel Agencies & OTA’s


Tourist Offices & Airport




Key Benefits


More Visibility

Get your property listed on all the important Online Travel Agencies channels to reach a wide audience.


Instant Updates

Immediately push inventory to the connected channels and quickly retrieve booking.


Rate Management

Easily adjust the rates on the fly to maintain parity rates across all your sales channels and offer special promotions.


Save Time

Automate inventory distribution and stop time-consuming and unreliable manual updates.