MICE Solutions

A Complete Web-Based Solutions for Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, and DMCs

MICE Solutions – Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions

MICE Solutions is a specialized niche group dedicated to planning, booking, and facilitating conferences, seminars, and other events.

The acronym of MICE stands for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. MICE is one of the most important revenue generators for tour agencies, and having mice software will benefit operational management from booking to billing, as well as maintaining the essential values that MICE require.

Mice software is high-tech, productive, efficient, and versatile software that provides a complete solution for the management and organization of all types of business conferences, exhibitions, meetings, and incentive vacations.

Groupy is the industry leader in Corporate MICE travel solutions. We provide MICE tourism solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of our corporate clients. We have extensive destination knowledge, market presence, and global alliances with hotels, airlines, vendors, and travel partners.

Our customized solutions are also ideal for corporate tour booking, sightseeing, gala events, product launches, and sporting events. The MICE software broadens at diverse verticals ranging from increasing your client’s satisfaction, rewarding their loyalty, and driving your business sales.


Complete MICE Solutions for Tour Agencies & Operators

Increase sales and efficiency with Groupy's complete MICE Software. Streamlined CRM, proposal building, budgeting, supplier management, and reporting for MICE.

Groupy has a dedicated team of MICE professionals who will collaborate with you from start to end to deliver a customized program tailored to your specific goals and objectives. We assure flawless delivery of services to create a wow experience for the program participants.

Furthermore, our decades of industry experience, strong relationships with hotels and airlines, and experienced, knowledgeable staff enable us to provide unrivaled services at affordable prices, making us the ideal partner for any of your MICE-related requirements.

We provide a flexible solution to meet your needs, whether your customers are planning global conferences or marketing external events. We create applications that provide a comprehensive solution for small to medium-sized businesses that require greater control over their meetings and events.

Our MICE Solutions (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) enable users to fully attend the event without the need to manage business travel. The software takes complete control of everything, including all relevant travel information.

Managing group bookings is now easier than ever thanks to our Groupy Travel MICE software, which includes a mobile app and a MICE costing tool!

Our complete end to end MICE solutions include
  • Booking of accommodation
  • Conference venues
  • Travel arrangements
  • Gala events and entertainment
  • Activities for companions
  • Other pre and post-tour services
  • Sightseeing and excursions

Ready-To-Use Cloud Mice Solution for Tour Operators

MICE Solutions by Groupy is a smart mobile app that allows Travel Management Companies to take full control of meetings and incentives.

Groupy is a global leader in the development and deployment of MICE software. We play a critical role in providing best-in-class MICE management software for complete management and process automation.

We provide an all-inclusive MICE travel package. We personalize each event to suit your needs. You are fully informed about all aspects so that you will know what to expect when you finally reach the venue. Managing group bookings is now easier than ever thanks to our Travel MICE software, which includes a mobile app and a MICE Accounting Tool.

The MICE requirements of each company may vary based on their services/products, target audience, and budget. With Groupy, you can enjoy the best services that can be tailored to your specific requirements and needs.

Our savvy team assists corporations with their business travel and event management needs. They assist you in making long-lasting impressions on both customers and guests.


Scale your MICE and Corporate Travel Business

Tap into the world’s largest sourcing network for events and business travel. Smartly plan your Events and Meetings within one platform.

Groupy has a dedicated team of MICE specialists who will work closely with you from start to finish delivering a customized system tailored to your specific needs and objectives. We assure the flawless provision of products to create a wow experience for the participants.

With decades of industry experience, we offer bespoke MICE services with comprehensive planning and execution for meetings, incentives, conferences, and events, working in complete collaboration with our clients. Our quality, service assurance, and strong governance standards have made us one of the world's leading names in the travel industry.

Groupy's MICE solutions enable complete on-site management of meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. MICE software goes far beyond tour services, providing all-in-one professional services for planning and implementing outdoor, indoor, and evening events.

This enables us to create events of exceptional value for our diverse clientele. Our extensive local network, as well as an experienced team of travel experts, assist us in making our clients' dreams come true.

How We Support Your Mice Business
  • Manage Your Events With Ease  Use CMS tags to keep track of all bookings for your events and to customize reports.
  • Professional Group Booking Tools  For example, sync your offline and online rooming list and maintain a package rooming list.
  • Make Every Event Exceptional  Create one or more pages on your website, or enable a dedicated online booking portal for each event.

How Groupy Can Transform Your Corporate Travel Business

If you are a tour operator or a destination management company (DMC) looking for the best MICE software to increase your sales and achieve better results, look no further than Groupy.

With our many years of industry experience in MICE processes, we recognize individual customer needs and offer the right solutions. Based on our best-of-breed ideology, we aim to find and integrate the right solution for every application.

We provide exceptional MICE services at affordable rates all over the world thanks to our high professional interactions with various airlines and hotels. Our highly skilled and experienced team is always inspired and guided to continue increasing interaction and to form new professional associations. We also collaborate with enthusiastic event teams to plan incredible and unforgettable outings/excursions.

MICE Solution enables you to meet all the travel needs of your client, including corporate, professional conference organizers, and business marketing users. The Groupy MICE booking system will assist you with registration, ticketing, and other procedures.

The incorporated MICE portal solution for booking and payment of individual overnight stays, group bookings, and conferences simplify processes, reduces costs, and creates transparency and expense control.


Travel Sectors

Touring and Cruising


Museum & Cultural Institutions


Sightseeing & Attractions


Travel Agencies & OTA’s


Tourist Offices & Airport




Take a glance at the complete Benefits of MICE Solutions



A modern solution that optimizes recurring processes in event planning sets standards and is scalable as your business grows.



The MICE portal software integrates all event purchasing processes, enables data-driven business decisions, and boosts operational productivity.



As App influences the digital world, it is no longer necessary to keep a plethora of excel data files.



A simple tool for analytics and reporting that allows you to maintain transparency and standardize your business processes.



An intuitive & easy-to-use platform that can be easily downloaded by the registered users.


Reduce effort

MICE app reduces manual efforts by up to 90%, minimizes the possibility of human error.


You can save money

Event registration with software or app wisely cuts the cost and effort of publishing documents that can be used in other profit-generating and branding activities.


Push notifications

Notifications to guests for updates like boarding time & sightseeing in advance.


SOS Emergency

Guest can notify their real-time location to their respective tour guide and group members.