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Groupy is global tourism technology company providing world-class travel software to the travel sector. We offer an all-in-one solution to transform your business from offline to online, including a fully customizable online booking system, interactive, engaging, mobile responsive travel website development, travel CRM, easy-to-use content management system and well-planned business promotion through a variety of online marketing channels. Our technical team is committed to delivering reliable technology that can be a turning point for aspiring travel companies.

We aim to bring real value to your travel agency's business through updated mobile app development software tools that support almost all of the platforms that are perfect for achieving your travel business goals. We work on your ideas and understand your entire industry's specific working process and develop cutting-edge, customized websites that deliver targeted results. With long-standing goodwill of over a decade in the business, we are able to not only adapt our solutions but also our approach to ensure that the best service in the business is delivered to every customer.


Grow Your Distribution To Reach More Customers

Scale and grow your company with powerful connections to distribution partners.
Automate the booking and admin processes, track progress and collect data to increase growth.

Groupy is your one-stop travel technology platform that opens up enormous opportunities to maximize your distribution channels and make the most of your product spectrum. We develop custom software that will not only help your business grow but will also create your appearance-perfect brand awareness. Time-saving automation, hassle-free booking management and global distribution are just some of the full features that our system offers. We deliver quality work to our clients on time within a budget that puts your travel business in a higher position than your rivals.

As a specialized travel portal development company, we offer extremely powerful tour packages booking websites with strong CMS (Content Management System). We perceive the expectations of travelers and develop a user-friendly package website that can meet the needs of your traveler. As our industry evolves, we continue to build technology and provide expertise to ensure that our customers are at the forefront. We deliver customized solutions to all companies based on their specific requirements so that each booking portal is developed, integrated and implemented to help build and expand your business.

All-in-One CRM Software

Supercharge Your Sales, Marketing, and Service

Groupy specializes on the development of intelligent business solutions for hospitality and travel industry representatives. We focus our activity on custom software development. With a dedicated CRM system you will be able to concentrate on your core business strategies, implementing in your CRM industry-specific processes and terminology. This CRM for tour operator is a 100% solution for tour and travel companies which cover plenty of features like ticket download, view itinerary, conversion analytics, quick sms and email alerts etc.

With many years of experience meeting the needs of clients, our goal has always been to provide market-leading travel software and set industry standards. We have a range of tailor-made software packages designed to reduce costs and increase efficiency, while our marketing tools will help you maximize customer relationships and drive efficient online campaigns. Groupy has created a smarter opportunity for travel operators to manage their customer related activities with its ultimate travel CRM software. With Groupy travel CRM, tour operators can get entire 360degree customer view.

Utilizing CRM system into your travel business you can obtain following advantages:
  • Wow your customers with relevant and up-to-date service approach
  • Analyze trends and marketing information for improvement
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Maintain customer history using automated processes and database
  • Have faster, web-based access to all business partner and customer data from anywhere using different devices

Create A Digital Platform of Your Business

Fully Customized To Match Your Brand,
We Provide You With The Ideal Platform To Sell Your Tours Online.

Groupy is a travel marketplace where you can find direct deals from multiple suppliers around the world. It provides a central platform for managing your own deals and distributing them to global agents. It also delivers a comprehensive set of technology tools to help you run your business, such as integrated POS with Customer Management, Booking & Enquiry Management, Sales Reporting and Advanced Sales & Marketing tools. Our tour operator software automates and simplifies complex business processes – empowering you to focus on what really matters – the customer.

We have a talented team of professionals who will help with your project at every step along the way. We're always committed to providing business solutions to international standards that enhance our client's productivity and create an easily manageable business environment. Travel companies, from tour operators to DMCs to travel agencies, rely on our technology to power their business. Our solutions are built with a customer-centric approach and a special focus on adaptability to distinct business processes. Get in touch with us today to find out how best we can serve you.

Why Groupy?
  • Crisp and Agile
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Highly Customizable
  • 24×7 Availability
  • Enhanced Security
  • Hassle-Free Third-Party Integration

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Benefits at a Glance


Business Transformation

Our premier travel software solution will differentiate your product offering, enhance operations, and increase service levels to meet the needs of well-informed travelers of tomorrow’s world.


Digital Solution

With deep domain expertise, qualified and experienced resource pool and a strong focus on operational excellence, Groupy enables better travel by delivering digital technology solutions to the travel industry.


Delivering Value

With decades of experience in the travel and tourism sector, providing high-performance travel and tourism solutions, we are at the forefront of delivering value that can be identified.


Always one step ahead

Our bespoke applications and digital solutions allow you to scale up the market and increase the expectations of your customers.