Grow your business faster by nurturing and monitoring every lead till its closure, generate attractive itineraries with strong follow ups and customer profiling that helps in building better customer relationships. Tour Operators needs a Travel CRM Software to provide better and more personalized and specialized services in order to achieve the customer’s expectations. Groupy Tour Operator CRM delivers outstanding value with an incredible array of features for a fraction of the cost of any comparable industry system.

Groupy provides effective solutions that help customers improve their overall sales process. Our Travel CRM is designed to accommodate any number of configurations and customization, so you can stay abreast of evolving industry trends. We provide advanced CRM for travel agencies, is designed to manage general business processes & workflows of travel organization. Our Travel CRM provides user-friendly solutions to all travel partners and helps them organize their corporate as well as customer data. Its integrated tools help you to handle customers, leads, itineraries, invoicing, suppliers, websites, landing pages, campaigns and more such things in few clicks.

Why Travel CRM



Improve enquiry conversion rate with streamlined, quick, intuitive processes



Integrated financial, product and customer data, management and automation will manage efficiencies in all areas of your business



Intuitive, optimized CRM workflows allow your operations teams to respond faster



Produce intuitive and actionable reporting to boost your sales and marketing function



Reduce man-hours with integrated operator processes – let your business fly


Accounting Software is a feature packed, simple to use accounting system that will revolutionize your existing tour operator / DMC workflow and help you enhance productivity exponentially. Your DMC need an advanced accounting software to manage their financial transactions and cash flow very well.

Groupy provides fully integrated accounting, relational database system that combines full security and audit trail requirements with convenience, functionality, data accuracy and integrity. We offer you a cloud-based accounting software for travel agencies to simplify your business. Our comprehensive accounting software package is significant to accelerate, improve, and streamline accounting tasks of the organization. Our accounting solutions is a cloud-based application that promises to take the pain out of accounts management, we designed with a view to integrate all accounts related functions right from invoicing, cash flow, journal entries, reconciliation. Our accounting software specially designed understanding the needs of small and medium enterprises to fulfill their accounting needs. It is utilized for online billing and invoicing, inventory management, preparing quotations, reporting.


Benefits of Accounting Software

  • Simple and fast data entry capabilities
  • Improved productivity by reduction of approval processes
  • Improved accuracy due to the reduction of human error
  • Simplified tax compliance; software can be customized to handle local tax codes
  • Improved collaboration between departments through a centralized database
  • Reduced operational costs through the elimination of outsourcing of bookkeeping
  • Better decision-making processes through the acquisition of timely and informative financial reports


Groupy is a B2B tour operator software for tour operators that help you manage inventory and group travel, create a package, manage customers and travel agents, fully automate your sales process, grow your services ordering, manage accounts and gain full insights into your travel business. A Tour Operator Software that keeps your customers engaged with a timely reminder about the exact meeting point, the tour guide’s contact details, and things to pack for the tour. It provides them with a complete software suite with all tools required to book tours and activities and manage their business. It is focused on improving productivity and increasing revenue. This software helps transform websites into powerful booking and scheduling platforms with its extensive hosts of features and functionalities. All the travel agencies can access this smart b2b software anytime, anywhere from any device. We provide a networking interface for tour and leisure providers to connect with similar businesses and professionals. With this, they are able to build relationships with companies that can help their business in offering unparalleled customer services.

Our B2B travel agency software with its cutting-edge technology empowers travel agencies or travel companies for selling travel products online. It is a complete end to end online travel technology solution for travel agencies globally. Our B2B solution offers the most innovative and robust solution in the market, that assures smooth operation, fast search, and stability under heavy load. Our B2B modules has a fully flexible search panel that allows the travel agent to search itineraries and give the best rate to customers. This software solution for B2B travel agents creates a seamless experience with the perfect, comprehensive features needed to manage B2B tour activities. Our B2B travel agency software includes user-friendly dashboard will help the travel operator to deal with the request coming from sub branches and other agencies linked to main branch. It provides all the features that any B2B travel software for travel agents should have.

MIS Report

MIS Report feature plays an important role in tour operator software . After using every feature in the system properly, when it’s time for travel owners to check the performance of travel business, then MIS report plays an essential role. MIS is the combination of various tools which facilitates valuable business data storage in organized way and its obtained whenever required. It stores current as well as old data which can be used for analysis and decision making.

Groupy is proud to offer a comprehensive reporting package to our corporate clients. Groupy is capable of producing customized management reports to fit your reporting needs. We provide detailed and functional data as part of our service offering. These reports are generated on a monthly or quarterly basis. The analysis is done at Point of Sale using our customized scripts which automatically sync to the back office. The advantage to our customers is to breathe easier knowing you have 24/7/365 access to an aggregated view of your company’s travel activity.

How MIS Report is a must have feature of Travel Agency software?

  • Fast Decision Making
  • Online Analytics
  • Stay Ahead of The Competition
  • Plan Marketing Strategy
  • Avoid Delays in Business Processes
  • Prepares for Uncertainty
  • Tour & Customer Transparency
  • Accounts & Finance Details

Online Booking

Online booking provides your customers easy to use online reservation system with your website for group tours. Due to its smooth flow & easy to use online payment option, you can accept online reservations on your website, minimizing inquiry to booking conversion time. Online booking helps collect all required details for booking directly from client, allowing sales consultants to concentrate on other sales activities.

Groupy is online booking software and support made to help you grow. Our tour operator booking software comes with a complete range of features that help you take bookings, manage your resources, and improve your tour operator business. Online booking impacts and integrates various pieces of your business: reaching and converting more direct customers, streamlining operations, and managing alternative sales channels. Our user-friendly booking system that integrates flawlessly with your website.

Features of Online booking

  • Increase direct sales
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Live availability
  • Fully customizable

Managed Websites

Create an attractive engaging website using your own brand and design, allow your team to easily manage the content and make changes. Every website builds is designed in a manner that increases the number of people who buy tickets for your tours or activities.

Groupy build business with a 360-degree solution to grow your brand online. We specialize in developing scalable, brand-oriented, and business-ready custom web solutions. Our aim is to build profitable digital products engineered to inspire creativity and boost ROI. We help you to make an interactive and fully-customized website design that tend to attract hundreds of online users landing in your travel marketing agency. Our services include all the main features such as fare types, payment methods, and supplier types, etc. that your website should have. We make sure that our client’s website is responsive on every device, so that no single customer is lost. Our responsive website responds to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, & orientation. We give you a unique online identity by creating a visually-appealing and user-friendly website.


Adopting advanced technologies and processes indicates overcoming often complicated software integration challenges, both between your existing applications and external systems. Our software integration engineers are on hand to manage your integration obstacles, from building design to testing to execution.


Groupy provides fully integrated solution used mainly by tour operators, DMCs and travel agents. Our integrations allow you to utilize existing software and ensure all of your data remains in one place. This makes our booking software efficient and simple to use. We work directly with your booking software provider to make the process of booking a tour or activity from your website fast and seamless. A booking software integration provides immediacy, which minimizes the distractions and hesitations that come with having to navigate away from your site.

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