Connect Your Suppliers With The Leading Distribution Channels
Synchronizing Online Channels, Increasing Revenue

One Simple Platform To Manage And Grow Your Distribution Network

Expand Selling Channels

Boost sales by easily adding and managing different sales channels.

Hotel channel manager systems with XML API facilities, ideal for enterprises that wish to provide channel management facilities to accommodation providers. You can connect your Hotel Extranet Network with a huge number of hotels in your preferred locations with just one XML interface and add hotel content to your B2B or B2C reservation engine databases, regardless of what your business model is.

Integrating a Channel Manager into your online booking system will improve your overall coverage to increase your travelers' accommodation choices: from global standard chains to elite hotel groups and unique, independent hotels around the world. By connecting to the world's leading channel management systems, you can access new properties and at the same time you are getting the best available rates and real time inventory in an automated and cost-effective manner to connect to the world.


Fast and Fully Integrated Booking Engine

User-friendly and ultra-fast online booking solution for maximizing conversion and revenues.
Channel Managers

Groupy is your one-stop travel technology platform that opens up enormous opportunities to maximize your distribution channels and make the most of your product spectrum. We deliver customized solutions to all companies based on their specific requirements so that each booking portal is developed, integrated and implemented to help build and expand your business. Our technical team is committed to delivering reliable technology that can be a turning point for aspiring travel companies.

Groupy Booking System offers a channel manager that is integrated with the major OTAs of the industry. In addition, you will be able to integrate with the distribution channels via the channel manager. Your product will be live in a number of websites and travel agencies around the world. No hassle, your products will be easily and smoothly distributed through Groupy technology and at the same time you will be protected from overbooking and human resources expenditure.

Grow Your Distribution Reach

Build your B2B distribution, enhance direct sales and improve traffic acquisition with Groupy’ network and solutions.

Over the years, Groupy has gained outstanding experience in XML API integration by connecting more than 150 XML travel suppliers and third-party services to its customers around the world. For your travel business, you can easily integrate multiple suppliers into your system, bearing in mind that Groupy uses reliable technological solutions and relies on XML and JSON for interaction between the main modules.

Groupy Channel Managers enables a key connection between OTAs and Channel Managers worldwide. With the help of Channel Manger, tour operators can sell and update their inventory (hotels, tours and activities) across various global distribution channels. Connect the world. Manage your online inventory distribution with powerful channel manager and stay up-to-date on how your preferred online travel agencies help you maximize brand exposure.

Channel Managers

Steer Your Sales To Improve Margins

Utilize advanced solutions that help you identify incremental revenue opportunities
Channel Managers

Groupy is travel technology bringing digital change to travel and tourism business and specializing in ERP & CRM helps you to meeting the comfort challenge. Our software development teams work with you to better understand your specific business needs and processes, and to provide architect scalable solutions that deliver powerful functionality on well-designed, intuitive interfaces.

We specialize in strategies which develop your travel business potential and strengthen your market position as world’s leading travel service providers. By combining our knowledge and collaborating intensely, we are able to deliver excellent service and sophisticated software. Our approach is simplified into elegance, personalization, quick navigation and interacting for end-users to make their first choice platform for bookings and reservations.

What You Will Get:
  • Real time inventory
  • Fast and easy multiple rates updating from the hotels to support rate parity
  • Control of the appropriateness of the tariffs set by the hotels
  • Easy access to broader room inventory and rates for promotions and sales
  • Elimination of losses due to allocation of inconsistent/incorrect room rates
  • Removal of revenue loss due to delayed cancellations
  • Eliminating the overbooking risk
  • No installation needed, accessible from any PC with internet connection
  • Just one connection to any channel management platform to link your Extranet System to a huge inventory of hotels for your B2B or B2C platforms

Travel Sectors

Touring and Cruising

Channel Managers
Channel Managers

Museum & Cultural Institutions

Channel Managers
Channel Managers

Sightseeing & Attractions

Channel Managers
Channel Managers

Travel Agencies & OTA’s

Channel Managers
Channel Managers

Tourist Offices & Airport

Channel Managers
Channel Managers


Channel Managers
Channel Managers

What We Bring

Channel Managers

Travel Technology

We develop domain-focused technology solutions built on experience, expert knowledge, and an innovative vision to improve operational performance for the tourism industry.

Channel Managers

Digital Solution

With deep domain expertise, qualified and experienced resource pool and a strong focus on operational excellence, Groupy enables better travel by delivering digital technology solutions to the travel industry.

Channel Managers

Powerful core

At the heart of everything we build is a powerful core. Solid foundations and robustness underpin our build philosophy. Efficiency and performance drive our team to deliver the very best.

Channel Managers


At Groupy we always consider what might be needed next and build accordingly. Our goal is to ensure your solution will never limit your ability to grow and is designed with scalability as a given.